Toshiba Untrustworthy

Toshiba enables hackers of its customer’s computers. Toshiba’s service centre’s interference with Widows 7 software to allow a hacker’s use of a ‘Windows Virtual Wi- Fi miniport adapter’ that Toshiba Singapore had installed

Toshiba has an accounting problem. 20 July 2015 “Toshiba inflated profits by $1.2bn, report finds” “The improper accounting practices stretched back to 2008.” “Toshiba Corporation expresses sincere apologies to our shareholders, customers, business partners and all other stakeholders for any concern or inconvenience”
The problem has been identified, acknowledged and appropriate action has been taken. Toshiba should be congratulated for its being so forthcoming in acknowledging the accounting problem and dealing with it so promptly but is untrustworthy in that it has enabled hackers of my personal computers with Toshiba service centre Singapore installing a ‘Windows Virtual Wi-Fi miniport adapter’ later used by a user named “User” also created by Toshiba Singapore, to hack my personal computers. Toshiba did not do the work that I had paid $320- (Singapore) to be done.
Toshiba has acted appropriately on its corrupt accounting issue unlike the manner that Australian crimes & corruption have been concealed for the last 25 years regarding the State Bank of South Australia SBSA bankruptcy and its illegal use of “Off Balance Sheet” companies to conceal debt that became public debt of billions of dollars. Australian law enforcement [Australian Securities Commission ASC renamed Australian Securities and Investment Commission ASIC] Australian news media [Murdoch’s Adelaide SA newspaper publishing state monopoly & the ABC], governments and politicians continue in a coordinated effort to deceive the public with the sale of fake records of newspapers published that are fraudulently sold as authentic archives by Australian state and national public libraries, unacknowledged.That corruption and related crimes are described at WordPress websites; that refers to details of the State Bank of SA’s illegal but never prosecuted “Off Balance Sheet” companies with details never never made public [& associated crimes never prosecuted] and that is an incomplete list of news articles published that have been erased from the publicly accessible records of newspapers published [fake archives] of taxpayer funded Australian libraries’. The fake archives still have a reference to a news article referring to previous news articles published but those news articles have been erased. The erased news articles refer to the State Bank of SA’s illegal “Off Balance Sheet” companies and the changing valuations & debts of those companies.

Toshiba Singapore Service Centre’s corruption
After purchasing two Toshiba laptop personal computers (2010 & 2011) & experiencing a great deal of hacking related to my attempts to use internet services to expose issues of Australian corruption [referred to in WordPress blog “Rupert Murdoch Crimes Australia” ] I came to the conclusion that I had no Toshiba system image [to restore PCs] that predated the installation of spyware that was used to hack my PCs, so sought the assistance of Toshiba Singapore Service Centre in November 2013. I had for some years been encountering apparent stalkers who were able to demonstrate knowledge of communications with others, seemingly linking them with the hackers of my PCs, email & websites I accessed, used and created.
I met Toshiba Singapore Service Centre PC technician “Meena” who I am sure understood my instructions to restore my PCs to their factory fresh software. At that time I was unaware of the Toshiba website “Restore Toshiba laptop to its factory fresh software” & how easy I could have achieved my objectives. Meena did not tell me about the easy manner in which I could restore my PCs [removing any malicious software spyware] & informed that that she could perform the work for $160- (Singapore) per PC, so I left them in her custody to do so, was later advised that she had done the work and collected them a few days later.    Meena also suggested that I have her restore Toshiba’s original software on one PC & I copy it to the second PC “to save me money”.  The suggestion seemed inadvisable even if it could be possible to do.    Simply referring me the Toshiba website “Restore Toshiba laptop to its factory fresh software” would have achieved my objectives at no cost but “Meena”/Toshiba would not have had the opportunity to access my PCs and be of assistance to my hackers.
After collecting the PCs & having the opportunity to use them I noticed that files that should have no longer existed were still on the PCs, Windows 7 software that I expected needed to be reinstalled had already been installed & a user named “User” had been created by Meena. I returned to see Meena & requested an explanation. She claimed that she had needed to create the user named “User” to perform the work required & then removed it from my view of Windows 7 without my seeing what she had done. I had trusted Toshiba and Meena & she was lying. I was later to discover that Windows 7 had been installed as a 64 bit edition not the 32 bit I had been using & that the user named “User” still existed but was obscured in my view of corrupted Windows 7 that had become permanently embedded in the PCs.
Some months later I was to discover a network connection through a ‘Windows Virtual Wi-Fi miniport adapter’ being used by a user named “User”. The user named “User” could be seen through Kaspersky software but not in Windows 7. The ‘Windows Virtual Wi-Fi miniport adapter’ had according to the ‘Device Manager’ been installed on a date while the PCs were in the possession of Toshiba Singapore Service Centre PC technician Meena. I disconnected the network connection used by “User”.
Restoring the Toshiba laptops to their “factory fresh software” original condition using the method described on the Toshiba website restores them to the corrupt Windows 7 software I was hoping to dispose of but does allow me to choose between 32 or 64 bit. The user named “User” is also restored [not detected by Windows 7] but I can remove it. A user named “UpdatusUser” also exists that cannot be removed because it is actually whatever user I create with administrative privileges (my documents are the documents of “UpdatusUser”) & then need to abandon after using Kaspersky Parental Control to try to deny “UpdatusUser” access to the PCs.

The corrupt Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) is permanently embedded in the PCs. The original installation disc (can only be activated in Thailand where I purchased it) was stolen from my luggage at the time I was in November 2013 seeking assistance from Toshiba, so I cannot reinstall it from the disc. Attempts to download uncorrupted Windows software are impossible.
I returned to Toshiba Singapore to see Meena in March 2015. She refused to provide me with any useful information & lied about the purpose of the ‘Windows Virtual Wi-Fi miniport adapter’. She understood the process by which I had discovered her corruption & the user named “User” she had created. I briefly explained the concealment of Australian corruption, the fake records of newspapers published sold as newspaper archives & how those fake archives assist to conceal serious crimes never prosecuted.
Singapore PC technician & Toshiba Singapore can identify my hackers linked to my stalkers with knowledge of my attempts to expose Australian crimes & corruption using social media, the Internet & WordPress websites I create.
There was no point in further confronting PC Technician Meena. She is required to do as she is told & desires to remain employed. The last words Meena said to me were “You must stop trying to expose this* they have all your passwords.” (*They presumably being they who put Meena up to the corruption that she was involved with that enabled my hackers and [“expose] this” being the crimes & corruption I have presented on WordPress websites with the documented evidence that is also referred to.
My stalkers [noted for being people who insist on talking to me – & then saying something quite out context to any [non] conversation, that is intended for me to associate with my experiences &/or the information that I am attempting to expose] did later say to me “ha ha ha, it would have been cheaper to buy a new computer”.
After several attempts to contact someone in authority at Toshiba I did receive an email from Toshiba Singapore Jhun Nebria Manager, Technical Mobile Computing Business Unit Toshiba Data Dynamics Pte Ltd 10 Kallang Sector, Singapore 349280 with her later email dated 24 July 2015 upon my further enquiry stating;
We had escalated your case to our Toshiba Regional Head Office as this involved Toshiba international offices,
Should you need to follow up on this case, you may reach or contact them at the following address:
We had escalated your case to our Toshiba Regional Head Office as this involved Toshiba international offices,
Should you need to follow up on this case, you may reach or contact them at the following address:
Toshiba South & South-East Asia Regional Office
20 Pasir Panjang Road #13-27/28
Mapletree Business City
Singapore 117439
Tel: (+65) 6516 9899
Warmest regards,
Jhun Nebria
Manager, Technical
Mobile Computing Business Unit

Not until my further communication with Jhun Nebria did she (or he) provide an email address [] but failed to provide me with the name of whom I should contact.
After failing to get any reply from Toshiba Customer Relations [] the same email also having been sent to Jhun Nebria, I telephoned Toshiba South & South-East Asia Regional Office on the number provided by Jhun Nebria. The man answering the telephone seemed to attempt to be helpful, did not known who received email for [], explained that Toshiba had no Customer Relations department (or area to whom he could connect the call) and took a note of my email address and telephone number. I have never received any further email from Toshiba nor has anyone from Toshiba returned my telephone call.
To me Toshiba had always been a respected brand name and a company that I thought that I could trust. I would have expected that Toshiba would have been dedicated to ensuring that customers receive the very best service possible.
I have explained my circumstances and my customer experiences to Toshiba in some detail. There can be no doubt that Toshiba employees who have read my correspondence with its references to WordPress websites that explain the crimes and corruption that I have attempted to expose [intending that my stalkers/hackers would discontinue their efforts after their objectives were no longer attainable] do understand what I have written and the information and documentation that I have provided.
I have over several years as a customer of Toshiba spent several thousands of dollars on PCs and on Toshiba Service Centre services, repairs and work that was not done. I have in return been deceived by not being given helpful information & lied to in regard to what was done instead of the work that I had paid Toshiba to do.
Toshiba is a multi-billion dollar International Corporation. Does it really need my few thousands of dollars that I have provided as a customer? I can accept that Toshiba was deceived & duped into cooperating with my stalkers/hackers, thieves of my property (documents and software installation discs) & it is difficult for Toshiba & its staff to admit a mistake.
A person who admits a mistake is worthy of respect & admiration. A person who after making a mistake who then engages in deceptive practices to evade any admission [see State Bank of SA crimes & corruption] is worthy of contempt and exposure for the further difficulties that are created.
This text, as a work in progress, has been sent to Toshiba [] (an unidentified receiver of email) and Jhun Nebria Singapore Manager, Technical Mobile Computing Business Unit ( before being posted to WordPress and being made available to others through email and websites.
Since writing this text, & again providing it to Toshiba Singapore (Juhn Nebria) and Toshiba South – East Asia Customer Relations [email address provided by Juhn Nebria] & Toshiba Customer Support, Toshiba has again failed to reply to my complaint concerning its corruption and fraud regarding failures to do work that I had paid to be done.
Toshiba is more inclined to follow instructions of my hackers/stalkers [that Toshiba is able, but refuses, to identify] than to have consideration for me as a customer who has purchased Toshiba Personal Computers. The hacking that I have experienced does from its purpose [the intention to interfere with my communications with others & expose issues of Australian crime & corruption] suggests that my hackers are those who benefit from concealing the Australian impropriety [crimes & corruption], Australian law enforcement, governments, politicians and news media.  Such authorities are in a position to use their assumed honesty & integrity [&/or money] to deceive and influence authorities in foreign countries and Toshiba employees.